KHSRA Membership Information

**Step by Step Directions for becoming a member ** Official Documents for KHSRA ** Non-Member Info** Rule Books & Forms ** Checklist of Documents to be sent in for Membership Consideration
All Documents will be in .pdf format download Adobe Reader for free here

Welcome to Kansas High School Rodeo, we look forward to you being a member. Membership packets will be mailed out to all previous KHSRA contestants and all contestants who were in the 8th grade last year who participated in the Kansas Junior High School Rodeo Association. The information below is what will be in those packets, so if you do not receive one, please follow the exact steps below. When complete mail it to the State Secretary. There is a checklist at the bottom of this page for you to make sure that you have all the forms and documents that you need before mailing it.

All high school membership forms in 1 file - click here

1. Read KHSRA Welcome Letter -See complete membership packet

  • Explains what will take place the first rodeo of the season

2. Read KHSRA Application Instructions - See complete membership packet

  • This contains directions for filling out the forms below and also lists more details of things you need to know.

3. Complete the NHSRA Application Form - See complete membership packet

  • Complete the entire form
  • BOTH parents must sign (even if divorced)
  • Contestant must sign the form

4. Complete the KHSRA State Application Form - See complete membership packet

  • Make sure that you include the contestants email address along with at least one parents address. KHSRA communicates via email and our website, so it is vital that we have current email addresses. It is the members responsibilty to keep the State Secretary notified of any email changes!!

5. Complete the NHSRA Minor's Release form -See complete membership packet

  • Complete the entire form
  • BOTH parents must sign (even if you are divorced)
  • Contestant must sign the form
  • Must be notarized before sending

6. Complete the KHSRA Responsibility Agreement & Dress Code Policy Agreement - See complete membership packet

  • Whatever you agree to on this form will be final, so please be certain that you have thought about your choice before you make one and sign this.

7. Complete the Hospital Release Form - See complete membership packet

  • Members are required to sign a hospital release form.

8. Mail a copy of your birth certificate (new members only) with all of the above documents to the State Secretary.

  • This is for new members only - returning members - I have yours on file

9. Complete the W9 Form - See complete membership packet

  • Make sure you have your SSN on this.

10. Mail a copy of your grade card along with the information above to your State Secretary.

  • If you do not include the grade card along with all of the information above, your application packet will not considered complete until I receive one. You can NOT bring this to the first rodeo, it must be received by the State Secretary prior to entering the first rodeo.
  • For the Fall semester, you will submit your grades from the previous Spring semester. For the Spring semester, you will submit your grades from the previous Fall semester.

11. Make sure that you send a check along with all of the above documents to the State Secretary at least 15 days prior to your first rodeo. Call in for the first rodeo is always 10 days prior to the rode date and if the documents aren't received by the State Secretary, you won't be allowed to enter the rodeo.

12. Print out the Fall or Spring Rodeo Information Sheet -click here for Fall Rodeo Info Sheet - click here for Spring Rodeo Info Sheet.

  • This form contains all the necessary information that you will need to have for our rodeos; start times/ locations, directions, stock contractor info, contact # for stalling and hookups, etc.

12. Print out the Sponsorship Form - click here for form - Sponsorship Levels with benefits explained

  • Our prize fund depends upon the money collected from calendar sales and raffle tickets. However, this is not sufficient to cover the entire cost of putting on such a big event like we do at our state finals and giving saddles to each event winner. We need additional dollars from sponsors. Please do your best to ask the businesses that you frequent, if they could sponsor you in KHSRA. Please remember that travel money to nationals is not guaranteed. It is only given if there is money left to divide up. If everyone only does the minimum requirement, there is no money left to be given for travel.

You will receive your back number, membership card, insurance information and your rule book when you check in at the first rodeo. We look forward to having you join us in KHSRA!!!

Checklist of Items to be Returned to the KHSRA State Secretary
** Incomplete applications will not be accepted **
Read KHSRA Welcome Letter to know what to expect at 1st rodeo
Read KHSRA Application Instructions to know how to fill out forms
National Application Form (both parents must sign)
Minors Release Form (must be notarized)
Kansas High School Rodeo Association Application (make sure email addresses of both contestant and parents are listed)
Hospital Release Form & Dress Code Policy Agreement
KHSRA Fund Raiser Responsibility Agreement Form & W9
Enclose a check for $150.00 made payable to KHSRA
Enclose a copy of your birth certificate (new members only)
Enclose a copy of your most recent grade card
(refer to NHSRA rulebook for grade eligibility)
2017 fall members enclose your spring 2017 grade card - 2018 spring new members enclose your fall 2017 grade card
Mail Documents to:
Suzan Adams
7762 Old Stage Road
Junction City, KS 66441

Non-Members (local entries)

Local members you may enter one weekend rodeo only as a non-member. Please click on the Official Document link and click on the “Non-Member Form” and a “Hospital Release,” respectively of the season we are in. (ie. Fall rodeo, fall hospital release) These two required forms must be received by the State Secretary the Monday prior to the rodeo. In addition to the above forms, your entries must be pre-paid plus a $12 non- member must be sent in with the above forms. Unfortunately if the forms and payment have not been received by Monday prior, you will be drawn out of the rodeo.

If you have any questions on any of the membership information, please contact Suzan Adams. If you have any questions about entering a rodeo, please contact the rodeo secretary.