Frequently asked questions in KHSRA & KJHSRA

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All other questions and more details can be answered by reading the Kansas Handguide or the NHSRA rulebook.

Membership Information Related Questions

1. How do I join the Kansas High School Rodeo Association or Kansas Junior High School Rodeo Association?

If you receive a membership packet in the mail, it will have all the forms that you need to fill out and send to the State Secretary. If you would like to receive a packet, please email and request one. All forms and information can also be found on our Membership Info page on this website.

2. Can I join KHSRA or KJHSRA if I don't live in Kansas?

Yes, you can join either association if you live in another state. We have several out of state families. The procedure is that you will FIRST, have to contact the director of your home state and receive permission to join. Once this written permission is received, then you will have to fill out a transfer form that they should provide to you. That will be sent off to the National Office and then sent back to our State Secretary to keep on file.


3. Why should I join a high school or junior high school rodeo association

There is no other sport around that involves as much family time as the sport of rodeo. There are many, many hours spent as a family practicing, traveling to the rodeos and during the rodeos. The atmosphere at the rodeos to quote many parents is "just exactly how kids should be raised!!". The values, responsibilities learned and the memories they get from high school rodeo are worth every penny spent. Is it expensive - YES - but a huge investment in your child's future.


4. My school doesn't have a rodeo team/club, can I still join?

Participating in a rodeo club through your school is not mandatory and is not a requirement of membership.


5. What if I am home-schooled, am I eligible to join?

Students attending a home school, private school, religious school or correspondence school are eligible for membership if the school is recognized and approved by the state/province board of education in the state/province the member is applying for membership.


6. I have my own health insurance, do I have to purchase the insurance through the NHSRA?

The NHSRA requires that every member has medical insurance. Due to the fact that most family's medical coverage is through an employer and people are constantly changing jobs, it would be an impossible task for the NHSRA to check that all members have coverage throughout the year. By requiring the purchase of the medical coverage through the association, the NHSRA is assured that all members have minimal medical insurance. Canadian members are not required to purchase the insurance because the Canadian government has a program that provides all citizens of that country medical coverage regardless of their employment status

7. What if I am only in middle school (6th - 8th grade)?

The NHSRA offers a Junior High Division. Please go to this section to find out more information on the Kansas Junior High School Assocation (KJHSRA) .


Rodeo Entry and Points Questions

1. How do I enter a high school rodeo?

Entry Procedure:

To enter a Junior High Rodeo:

  • A contestant may email their entries to Suzan Adams ( beginning the Sunday prior to call in for that specific rodeo. The subject line needs to include KJHSRA Entries (Rodeo Name). Ex. KJHSRA Entries for Concordia. A confirmation email will be returned to you verifying your entries. If you do not receive this confirmation email, then assume that YOU ARE NOT ENTERED and you must call in at the regular time.
  • A contestant can also call in instead of emailing. The call in date is always 10 days prior to the rodeo and is listed on the website and is from 6-10 pm on that date.

  • Read the entire jr. high entry procedure here with new late procedure policy


2. Can I enter a rodeo if I am not a member?

You can enter a rodeo 1 time (not 1 week-end, but a Saturday or Sunday) as a non-member. Please click here for the documents you will need and the procedure that you will follow.


3. How are event and all around points figured?

All around state points are computed much differently than event points. 
In each event there are 500 points possible plus 5 points for each contestant in an event. 

Example:  Calf roping has 44 contestants.  500 points + 220 (44x5)= 720 points all around points available in calf roping.  The percentages used to award all around points are

1st - 29%
2nd - 24%
3rd - 19%
4th - 14%
5th - 9%
6th - 5%

Using the points from my example above 1st place in calf roping would receive 208.8 all around points (720 x 29%).

Only contestants placing 1st - 6th receive all around points. 

Rookie points are figured the same as the all around points.  A Rookie is a contestant who is a first year member of the NHSRA regardless of what grade they are in.

4. Where can I find rodeo information such as the draw, arena directions, stall/hookup info and time the rodoes start?

All of the information can be found on the Rodeo Information sheet that is mailed out in your membership packets in the fall or the spring packet for the spring rodeos. You can also find a copy on this website on the Official Documents page.

5. What if my horse gets hurt or I get injured after I have already entered a rodeo?

Vet or doctor releases need to be on the doctor’s letterhead. The rodeo secretary's fax is #800-672-4501. Doctor Release (D/R) and Vet Release (V/R) will be accepted at any time, up until the time that the contestant is scheduled to compete. Fees that apply to a DR/VR are the stock charges/office charges for your event. Those fees must be paid before you are eligible to enter another rodeo. Doctor Release (D/R) must be faxed to the Rodeo Secretary by Monday following the rodeo you Doctor Release or Vet Release.

No Shows: If a contestant enters a rodeo and doesn’t show up to
compete, that contestant must pay all entry fees before contestant will be
allowed to enter/compete in another rodeo.

State Finals and Awards Questions

1. How does a contestant qualify for state finals?

Every member must be in good standing, which means:

  • You are academically eligible
  • You have met the fundraising/sponsorship requirements
  • You have submitted the required entry forms to compete at the KHSRA or the KJHSRA state finals.
  • You have entered and competed in at least ONE state qualifying rodeo in EACH event that you plan on competing in at the state finals.


2. How many points are available at the state finals?

Maximum points possible at finals is 45 points.
1st go = 10
2nd go = 10
3rd go = 10 (short round)
Avg = 15
Total 45 points

3. Do I have to have any points in an event to participate in that event at the state finals?

No you do not have to have any points, you only need to enter and compete at one qualifying rodeo but you still must meet all the criteria to be eligible to participate in the state finals.


4. How many rodeos does a contestant have to attend to qualify for finals?

One rodeo is all you need, but you must have met the critiera to be eligble for the finals before you can enter.


5. How many rodeos is a contestant able to count for the year-end totals going into KHSRA state finals?

The rule is 13 of your top scores in each event will be carried into state finals (or 130 max points). Cutting and Reined Cow Horse coutn 65%.

6. How many people get to attend the National High School and Junior HIgh School Rodeo Nationals?

The top 4 in each event are eligible to attend the National High School Rodeo Finals. If there is a tie for 4th place, then both both competitors will qualify. Information on this event can be viewed on their website by click here. You have to have at least 1 point to be able to go to nationls (this is different from state finals).

7. How does a contestant qualify for the short-go at the state finals?

The final round at state finals will be the top 15 point winners for the year end, not necessarily the top 15 in the rodeo average.  Points carried into the rodeo plus points won in the first and second round will be the top 15 in the final round.  Only contestants who compete in the final round will be eligible for average points.


8. Do the points for state finals average count prior to the short round or after?

After the short round


KHSRA Queen Contest Questions

1. Where do I get a Queen Contestant Application?

Queen Contest Applications are made available at the first KHSRA rodeo in the spring. They are included in a packet with lots of information about the contest requirements.


2. What are the responsibilities of the KHSRA Queen?

The Queen is responsible for the Grand Entry. She brings all the sponsorship flags to each rodeo and recruits members to carry them each rodeo. The Queen carries the American Flag. The Queen is also required to represent the KHSRA at Nationals. She must also represent the organization statewide at professional rodeos, parades and other rodeo events (ie: The American Royale) as invited.

3. Does the Queen have to attend every rodeo?

Yes. The Queen signs an agreement with the KHSRA in which she commits to attend ALL rodeos.

Team Roping & Ribbon Roping Questions

1. What do I do if I don't have a team roping or ribbon roping partner?

You will be allowed to draw a partner for three rodeos only (not three week-ends). We will list the names of those contestants who are looking for partners so that we can try to help match people up.

2. How many times am I allowed to enter the team roping & ribbon roping draw?

You may utilize the Volunteer option for four rodeos (not four weekends).


3. How are team roping points handled?

Each person's points are kept separately until state finals. Going into state finals, your points will be added together with the person that you entered with. If John Doe had 40 points going into finals and the partner he/she entered with (Jane Doe) has 50 - total team points would be 90. That total is divided by 2 and each person now has 45 individual points or 90 points total for the team.

It doesn't matter if you switch ends during the year (heading or heeling), separate points are not kept.

Judge Questions

1. What are the steps to follow if a person does not agree with a judges call?

If there is a complaint or a disagreement regarding stock, rules, etc, there is a prescribed order to be followed....
A contestant must first bring his/her concern to the attention of the event director. The event director then relays the information to the National Director. The National Director and the event director will work to resolve the problem. A parent should never go directly to a judge or an event director.


2. What happens if I run the wrong calf, steer or goat?

You must run the correct draw, so you must take a rerun. You will need to see your event director first.


Miscellaneous Questions

1. Can I attend KHSRA or KJHSRA board meetings and how do I found out when/where they are being held?

The board meeting dates and times will be available on the Announcements section of our website. All members are welcome to attend unless the meeting goes into Executive Session. To discuss something in a meeting, you must contact the KHSRA President to be put on the agenda.

2. What is the Academic Team and how do I apply?

KHSRA/KJHSRA , along with Farm Credit Services of Kansas, recognize students who maintain a high GPA at school along with all thier other activities, including rodeo.

An academic team application will be a part of the packet that is handed out to all contestants who qualify to go to finals. You will fill that form out and attach an official transcript from your school. Instructions for turnign the form in and dates to be turned in, will be on the form itself.


3. What is Team Cinch and how are contestants chosen?

There are 2 cinch team, the Rodeo Team and the Shooting Team.

Cinc team is determined by your event champions from the year before. If the event champion from the prior year was a senior, then you move down to the 2nd place and so on. There is a specific event order each year sent by the national office that the State Secretary has to go by to choose the Cinch Team. You can't just start with whatever event you want. Once a member is on the team, they can't be on it a 2nd time (unless it is the Shooting Team).

Team Captains are chosen (one boy and one girl), by the members of the current year Cinch team.

4. Are there college scholarships available for KHSRA contestants?

See Scholarship Section of our website.


5. Where do I get sponsorship forms?

These forms are availabe on the Offical Documents section of our website.


6. What if I lose my back number?

If you lose or forget your back number, you may purchase a new one for $10.00 in the rodeo office the day of the rodeo.

7. How much are the event fees?

Event fees are listed on the Schedule & Results Page

8. What is the 4D and 3D sidepots?

The 3D poles and 4D barrel sidepots are available for both high school and jr. high school contestants for barrels and poles. The barrels are a 4D format with half, half, whole splits. The poles are a 3D format with whole second splits. It costs $30.00 per event per day to enter and you must pre-enter when you enter your events. The times are taken from your rodeo run (it is not a separate run).

Rough Stock Questions

1. What happens if no one gets a score in a rough stock event?

Ground money will NOT be paid back to all contestants. If no receives a score on the 1st rodeo, then money will be carried over to the 2nd. If no one has a score in the 2nd rodeo, the money will be divided as follows:

  • High School - 50% will go to the Scholarship Fund and 50% will go to the general fund
  • Junior High School - 100% will go to the general fund


Scholarship Questions

1. Are there college scholarships available for KHSRA contestants?

Yes, there are scholarshps available from both KHSRA and the NHSRA. Please see our Scholarship page to view this information and find out where to get forms.